Benefits of SEO to Your Business

  • Posted on: October 29, 2019

    SEO definitely increases the overall online visibility of websites, eventually leading to an increase of conversions for that content.


    Businesses are willing to pay huge sums of money to have their websites rank highly on search engines and so begs the question, why is SEO so important?


    Having a strong SEO presence on the search engines definitely provides your business with many benefits and below I have highlighted a number of those benefits.


    SEO Statistics

    Still sitting on the fence about deploying SEO techniques for your business? I have compiled a list of SEO statistics that cements the importance of deploying SEO techniques for your website.



    • SEO Pulls In Quality Traffic

    Organic search results are the best traffic any content can have. Why?

    Because organic search results are a consequence of people searching for solutions, products or services that your website is offering.

     Your products ranking highly on Google SERPs gives them a better chance of being purchased by users.


    • SEO Is a Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

    Implementing a SEO strategy on your content is free, unless of course you have hired a person to do it. SEO will decrease your cost per acquisition since it eliminates the need for any paid advertisements on your website to get visibility through Google SERPs.


    • SEO Opens Up New Market Opportunities

    A successful SEO campaign enables your business to find new markets and opportunities.

    This is because your products and services will be visible from users located from any part of the world, eventually leading to more business opportunities and business growth.


    • SEO Builds Trust and Credibility


    Millions of people use Google to search for information available on the internet and they trust the results which Google provides them, especially those that rank highly on the search engine.

    Your brand appearing on these first pages will definitely build trust and credibility from those millions of users.


    • SEO Is a Long-Term Strategy

    SEO is a long-term strategy. It may take a number of months (6-12) to see optimal rankings, but once there, you are assured of staying on top for a quite some time. The rankings will only go down due to competition from fellow competitors trying to rank on similar keywords or a change in Google ranking algorithms.


    • SEO educates your target audience

    Millions of people use Google to search for information on a variety of things.

    An effective SEO strategy will enable your website rank highly on Google SERPs, allowing your targeted audience to consume the information, thus educating them on that topic.


    • SEO Provides Better User Experience

    Google only ranks content that follows SEO best practices such as content with a well defined and formatting layout that use headings tags (H1, H2, H3), acceptable keyword density.

    These formatting strategies provide users with good user experiences and Google rewards your website by ranking it highly on its Google SERPs.


    • Local SEO increases visibility and Conversions

    Due to the high amount of content available online from many parts of the world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for local businesses to become visible on the internet.

    This has given rise to local search which is becoming a fundamental part of many small and medium-sized businesses towards increasing their visibility.


    Demystifying Local SEO

    Local SEO involves the optimization of content for a specific region, making it easier for people to find your business easily, quickly, thereby increasing brand visibility and conversions.

    Local SEO strategies involve the inclusion of local citations, backlinks and the listing of your digital properties on local listings such as Google My Business Listings.


    • SEO Enables Your Business Build a Dedicated Fan Base via Newsletters

    An effective SEO strategy will result in increased web traffic towards your website, where visitors can be directed to subscribe for a free newsletter by parting with their email address through a sign-up box.


    Your business should use the email list which consists of potential customers to send out product information or offers to entice them to purchase those products.


    • SEO Enables you to Bypass Your Competition

    SEO enables you to bypass your competitors who are within the same industry space as you, as Google ranks higher websites that got optimized content.


    • SEO Increases Customer Attribution

    Attribution is defined as the number of times your audience sees your brand. A strong SEO ranking will increase the brand visibility of your business.

    This will result in an increase in your customer attribution points that will eventually lead to more conversions.


    • SEO Better Than Paid Advertising

    Organic SEO listings receive an average of 90% clicks than paid advertising. Why?

    This is because users have a tendency to skip paid advertisements.


    An investment in good organic SEO strategies will provide you with better ROI than paid advertising by gaining more traffic than advertisers on the same keywords.


    • SEO Increases Your Website Referrals

    Internet users are more likely to refer your website if it has strong SEO rankings for it is perceived to have more credibility.


    • SEO Is Measurable

    SEO is measurable. With the right tools, your business will be able to measure conversions, their source and the progression of your website rankings.

    There are also a number of SEO tools with the capability of measuring the keywords which are responsible for bringing in the most traffic to your website.


    • SEO Drives Offline Sales

    SEO is a major contributor to offline sales since many customers will use the internet to search for products and services before paying a visit to your actual physical store.

    A good SEO presence will definitely increase your offline sales.


    • SEO Increases Your Brand Value

    Your brand will become more valuable as your SEO rankings. Buyers find strong SEO rankings a valuable intangible asset.

    Strong SEO rankings have the ability to hold their value over a sustained number of years.


    • SEO Increases Your Social Media Followers

    SEO increases your social media followers, as visitors usually follow highly ranked websites on Google search engines by clicking on the social media icons embedded on their websites.


    • SEO Is Mobile

    It’s estimated that over 50% of all internet users are using mobile devices to access content online. By making your website mobile friendly and incorporating SEO strategies, search engines will favour your website and increase your SEO rankings.



    There exists a myriad of marketing strategies available all geared towards increasing your brand visibility and awareness within the digital world.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which refers to your website ability to garner website traffic without using any paid advertisements is among such strategies.


    SeoNerd is an SEO platform that provides businesses with a variety of tools and applications that measure their SEO analytics.  Visit them today and request a free demonstration.



    Mike Friedberg
    Founder of SeoNerd and long time digital marketer. I worked for big digital marketing companies and eventually started my own digital marketing company. Worked in insurance lead generations competing in multi billion dollar seo space.
    Founder of SeoNerd and long time digital marketer. I worked for big digital marketing companies and eventually started my own digital marketing company. Worked in insurance lead generations competing in multi billion dollar seo space.


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