Benefits of SEO Tools

  • Posted on: October 21, 2020
  • Organic SEO strategies will enable your website rank highly within Google SERPS but maintaining that top position will require the deployment of SEO tools within your digital marketing strategy.

    This is because SEO tools provide businesses with technical solutions such as the best keywords to use to make your website appear on search engines faster.


    SEO tools provide websites with optimization capability to enable them to achieve their highest possible rankings on search engines. They do this by providing the business with the necessary metrics and data specific to your content.


    I have outlined the benefits your business will gain after incorporating SEO tools within your digital marketing strategy.


    • SEO Tools Stimulates Content Optimization

    SEO tools are able to stimulate content optimization within websites.

    But what is content optimization?

    Content optimization is the process in which a website’s content is optimized with the aim of making that content more attractive and easily actionable by users.


    The process usually involves improvements on the technical performance of the content such as loading speeds of the various web pages with an aim of making the content rank better on search engines.


    • SEO Tools Provide Benchmarking Data

    SEO is a holistic process that consists of a broad section of elements such as social media, competitor’s performance, and content among others.


    SEO tools are able to analyze the performance of these elements and benchmark them against the industry norms. They will also be able to provide your business with suggestions on how to improve their performances.


    • SEO Tools Provide Businesses with Accurate Insights

    The SEO process is data-driven. SEO tools eliminate guesswork as they are able to provide your business with important data that can be used to boost its marketing efforts.


    SEO tools are able to achieve this high accuracy because they use machine learning and data science algorithms to collect, analyze and interpret data which your business can utilize to improve its search engine rankings.


    • SEO Tools Provide Forecasts

    Forecasting is the prediction of future events. Sounds like science fiction but SEO tools definitely have that ability.


    SEO tools are able to analyze current data trends, providing them with insights to predict your business expectations in future. SEO tools can even suggest keywords which they foresee having a tremendous impact in the future.


    Forecasting helps businesses prepare themselves by appropriately allocating essential resources based on these predictions. This is aimed at protecting your business from the negative happenings of these predictions.


    Features of SEO Tools

    • Keyword Monitoring

    It allows you to get access to essential metrics or data in relation to your chosen keywords over a period of time


    • Keyword Research

    It is used to find and research alternative search terms which are used by internet users when searching for similar things online.


    • Backlink Profile Analysis

    It provides you with an overview and understanding of all the links that are being taken into consideration your website’s ability to rank.


    • Site Structure Analysis

    It provides an analysis of your website structure which shows how your individual web pages are linked to one another. This data is used by crawlers to find your web pages quickly and easily.


    • Live Rank Checker

    This feature enables website data such as website visitors to be requested live at any one moment.


    • Performance Analysis

    This provides an accurate analysis of a variety of website data such as a website loading speed.


    • Internal Link Analysis

    It collects and provides data on all internal links of your website and displays its link structure.


    SEO Tools Categories

    Every website has got specific objectives and goals, giving rise to a variety of SEO tools catering to these goals. Below we shall discuss the 3 main categories of SEO tools.


    • Off-Page Tools

    Off-page tools mainly focus on Off-page strategies such as such as backlinks.


    • On-Page Tools

    The tools main focus here is On-page analysis and strategies such as content quality, Meta Tags, Focus keywords, Headings tags (H1, H2, H3) among others.


    • All-In-One Options

    These tools offer both the On-page and Off-page analysis.


    Google SEO Tools

    Google, the largest search engine has developed a number of innovative SEO tools geared to assisting businesses in having their content visible within its Google search engine.

    Let’s discuss these Google SEO tools below.


    • Google Search Console

    Also referred to as the Google Search Console or Webmaster Tool, this tool enables website owners to gather data about their website directly from Google.


    It provides a variety of information such as Google’s snippet impressions, Click-Through-Rates, Sitemaps etc. It can also inform you when your website is infected with malware and even helps you identify the affected areas.


    • Google Analytics

    The Google Analytics tool is a web analysis tool which provides you with information about the performance of your website such as organic searches that bring visitors to your website.

    This enables you to know which keywords bring in the most conversions on your website.


    • Google Adwords Keyword Planner

    This tool provides advertisers with keyword ideas and traffic estimates to help them build a search network campaign.

    This makes it easier for those advertisers to complete the process of creating new ad groups and campaigns which is extremely essential in getting their PPC accounts off to a good start.


    Having SEO tools within your digital marketing strategy will greatly improve the rankings of your content on search engines.


    An improvement of your search engine optimization will result in increased sales conversions and revenues for your business, making investing in SEO tools a worthwhile investment.


    SeoNerd is an SEO platform that provides businesses with a variety of tools and applications that measure their SEO analytics.  Visit them today and request a free demonstration.

    Mike Friedberg
    Founder of SeoNerd and long time digital marketer. I worked for big digital marketing companies and eventually started my own digital marketing company. Worked in insurance lead generations competing in multi billion dollar seo space.
    Founder of SeoNerd and long time digital marketer. I worked for big digital marketing companies and eventually started my own digital marketing company. Worked in insurance lead generations competing in multi billion dollar seo space.


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