How Backlinks Help Improve Your Google Ranking

  • Posted on: October 21, 2020
  • A backlink is simply defined as ‘when another website links to your blog’.  Also referred to as Inbound Link (IBL) backlinks are an important factor in the way Google determines the popularity of websites.


    Google considers a myriad of factors such as website age, loading speed, content keywords etc when determining which content to rank on their search results.

    But, one factor that really stands out is the quantity, quality and relevance of your backlinks.


    Why Are Backlinks Important To A Website?

    Google considers those websites having more backlinks as having more relevant content aligned with your keywords, therefore ranking them higher on its search engine results (SERPs).


    Factors That Determine the Quality of Backlinks

    Just having many backlinks to your website isn’t enough. The backlinks must be of good quality. So what makes a good quality backlink?

    Below, we discuss the factors that make a good quality backlink that search engine crawlers use to increase your website visibility.


    • Page Relevance

    The content of the webpage that links to your website must be relevant. If your website is about furniture, a link from a page about furniture will be much more effective than a link about fishing.


    • Site Indexed

    An indexed website is one that is listed in the search engines. It’s extremely important to have your website link indexed because if it isn’t indexed, the search engines won’t be aware of its existence.


    • Do-Follow

    Do-follow tags tell the search engine crawlers to follow the link and its default setting for all links. However, some people may opt to change a link to a no-follow tag which is basically telling the search engine crawlers to ignore that link.


    • Site Authority

    Backlinks from authoritative websites carry more weight with search engines than those that are lesser known.


    Purpose of Backlinks

    Backlinks have got several purposes that lead to different results depending on whether your website is the one linking out or being linked to. Some of the main purposes include:


    • Backlinks Send Traffic to Your Website

    Getting backlinks from another blog will result from getting traffic from that website. This is made possible by users clicking to your blog as they go through the content on that website.


    • Backlinks Make Your Website Appear Authoritative

    A website that links to your website is kind of a vote of confidence in the quality of your website. It makes your website appear authoritative in that particular subject matter.


    • Backlinks Provide More Information To Your Readers

    When your website links to other online resources within its subject matter, it provides new information to your readers. This shows your readers that your content is well researched and informative.


    • Backlinks Get You Noticed By Other Websites

    When you have a link that links out to another website and someone goes to that other website through the link embedded in your article, your website will appear on their statistics programs.


    This will definitely get you noticed by other blogs within your space, leading to valuable partnerships within your blogging strategy.


    • Backlinks Contribute To Better Ranking on Google

    Google SERPs are determined by a variety of factors such as site age, freshness, location, page location time etc.

    However, one determining factor is the quality, quantity and relevance of backlinks that your website has.


    How Do I Get Backlinks?

    Well, there are only 2 ways you can get backlinks.


    • One option is to simply buy them.

    The easier option is to simply buy them. There are a number of companies who specialize in selling out links to companies.

    These companies utilize these links to increase their visibility with the aim of driving traffic to their websites leading to conversions of whatever products or services they are engaged in.


    • Second Option is to build them manually.

    Building backlinks manually or organically are the best and recommended way. There are a variety of ways of manually backlinks manually such as commenting on blog posts and forums, guest posting articles and having a link back to your website.


    Submitting links to directories or reaching out to webmasters of blogs with content that complements yours does provide positive results.

    Below, I have outlined the various ways, you can increase backlinks for your website.


    • Develop Something Different From the Rest

    Develop and repurpose your content in ingenious ways. You can repurpose your content into tweets, short form articles, presenting them as tools etc with the aim of making them stand out.


    Content that is presented in a slightly different way from what readers are used to usually results in that content being shared with their social media circles, giving your website immense publicity.


    • Link out to other Bloggers

    Don’t be scared to link out to other blogs within your industry for fear of losing out your visitors to them.

    Linking to other websites opens up new avenues and markets for your content.


    • Explore Local Options

    A number of local councils have websites or online magazines which they regularly feature local businesses within their area of operation.


    Reach out to them and explore ways on how you would provide relevant articles for their website in exchange for getting a mention on their website.


    • Explore Educational Options

    Many educational institutions such as schools and universities have websites that got sections where they blog about student and teacher issues.


    Why don’t approach them with suggestions on how you would freely contribute student or teacher themed articles for their website.


    If you happen to be an alumnus of the college, that is even better, why? It’s because many universities are always looking forward to featuring past students who have left and are succeeding in their area of interest.


    • Collaborate To Host an Event with another Blogger

    Organize to host an event with a fellow blogger whose services or products complements yours. This is an extremely beneficial relationship because both of you will be able to reach into each other’s audience who may be interested in your product.


    Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker (I Day Business Breakthrough) events which are streamlined online to millions of viewers present the best example of how bloggers offering different products and services can collaborate together to create something extraordinary.


    • Write Valuable Content Off-Site

    Develop and publish content on blogging forums such as and which attract millions of readers across a variety of interests.


    The millions of readers who visit these free blogging websites may be attracted to your content and eventually share your content through their different social media channels.


    • Hire a Publicist

    A mention in an authoritative mainstream media outlet such as a daily newspaper would bring in a lot of traffic to your website.


    A publicist can bring in the much-needed traffic to your website. They can get you that interview, radio show or an exclusive event as a guest speaker which you couldn’t naturally have got on your own.  A good publicist may be expensive, but they are definitely worth every coin they ask for.


    • Extending Your Expertise to Other Bloggers For Free

    Take time and visit blogs within your niche and if you notice some glaring errors with their website, you could provide them with solutions on how to fix them. You can, later on, pitch to them on having a guest post on their blog.


    Google SERPs utilizes a number of factors in determining which websites to rank but having quality backlinks with content that is relevant to your content niche definitely has immense value to your website.

    Yes, the easier option could be to purchase backlinks which is less time consuming and saves you the hassles. However, the best way to garner quality backlinks for your website is to grow them naturally and organically.


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    Mike Friedberg
    Founder of SeoNerd and long time digital marketer. I worked for big digital marketing companies and eventually started my own digital marketing company. Worked in insurance lead generations competing in multi billion dollar seo space.
    Founder of SeoNerd and long time digital marketer. I worked for big digital marketing companies and eventually started my own digital marketing company. Worked in insurance lead generations competing in multi billion dollar seo space.


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